A Home Office Roundup that’s sure to Inspire

A new take on your home office

Recently we’ve thought about the concept of a “home office” a little bit differently. What used to be an overlooked room in your home (or even a storage closet) quickly needed to transform into a working office! 

Many of us found ourselves in a pinch and threw together an office that got the job done with little or no attention to how the space made us feel. I’m a firm believer that you can always find a good balance between form and function, and your office space is no exception. Of course your office should be functional but it can also be beautiful. It should be a place where you feel inspired and ready to take on the tasks of the day. You’ll be surprised how productive you will be when you create a space you actually enjoy spending time in. 

From grand home offices with plush seating and attention to every detail to small spaces loaded with character, there’s something here for every style. So whether you’re currently working from home or need a space to take care of paperwork and homework, I’ve rounded up seven inspiring home offices (including a peek of our new studio office) to get you on the right path for creating a dreamy office space in your own home! 

Design: Leanne Ford | Photography: Nicole Franzen
Design: Amber Lewis | Photography: Tessa Neustadt

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