Favorite Coffee Table Books + How to Style Them

I adore coffee table books! The bound collections of beautifully curated images are extremely versatile as a design element. They can also be a good representation of our style, attributes, and aspirations. In a world filled with digital media, they are lasting objects of beauty that can withstand the test of time.

Three Tips Styling them:

When designing vignettes throughout your home it’s always great to have a collection of beautiful books on hand that can be used for styling. They not only add height and variation to a design but also contain useful information and can be a great conversation starter when styled on a coffee table.

No. 1

Most coffee table books are created using beautiful imagery, therefore think about them as a piece of art in your home. When placing the book face up consider the photo on the front cover and how that works with the palette in your room. Often times they add just the right amount of color and interest to a vignette!

No. 2

When designing and styling we always try to vary the height of objects in a room to keep the eye from falling flat. This is where a stack of various-sized books comes in really handy! Stack a few books on top of one another then top it off with a decorative object or candle to complete the look.


No. 3

Most coffee table books have either a nice neutral or a pretty binding. This makes them ideal for styling. Feel free to scatter them throughout your home and not just reserve them for your shelf or coffee table. Another place I love to have a pretty stack of books is on my bedside table! They look beautiful and are easy to reach while settling in for the night.


My Favorites and a few more Recommendations

Down to Earth

This stunning book by Lauren Liess is a must-have. It invites readers to incorporate the main components of her familiar design aesthetic: nature, easy living, and approachability. In her book, Lauren talks about how it was important for her family’s home to function and serve them well without sacrificing style.

Pacific Natural

This beautiful book is one of my absolute favorites right now. A well-known tastemaker, Jenni Kayne embodies an effortless aesthetic, where natural beauty is found in every detail. Organized by season, this entertaining book is your guide to creating special moments with family and friends.

Made for Living

This book by the amazingly talented Amber Lewis is not only packed full of beautifully curated and inspiring imagery but is also such a useful tool! She covers everything from paint color, to tile, styling and her favorite finishes in this well thought out interior design handbook.

In Full Flower

Last but certainly not least, In Full Flower by Gemma and Andrew Ingalls makes my flower-loving heart sing! Throughout the pages of this book, Gemma and Andrew so artfully captured the beauty of some of the most stunning arrangements by the industries leading growers and designers.

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